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Circular Knife Sharpening Service

Fernite operates the UK’s #1 circular knife sharpening service.

We specialise in sharpening single and double bevel circular knives of various designs and sizes, up to a maximum diameter of 600mm.

For knives with two bevels, both sides are ground simultaneously to ensure precise matching after sharpening. During the process, circular knives are positioned directly on the knife carrier shaft, allowing for precise monitoring of the blade’s rotation and feed rate into the grinding wheel.

Details of Our ISO9001 Knife sharpening services

  • Automatic Ground Wheel Feed
  • Rotating and Tilting Head
  • Speed-Regulated Knife Carrier Shaft
  • Customised Sharpening Solutions

We recognise that each application has unique requirements. By working closely with our customers, we ensure that the sharpening process meets your specific needs. For long-lasting results, we use natural diamond abrasives for grinding very hard superalloy knives,  hardened steels, we employ borazon abrasives due to their strong abrasive properties.

ISO 9001 Precision and Quality
At Fernite , we offer precise reliable sharpening of your circular knives, accommodating all grinding angles (positive or negative), height, and diameter adjustments. Our promise to you is to provide you with the highest-quality knife sharpening service in the UK.

Circular Machine Knife Manufacturer
We also manufacture and supply new circular machine knives in various steel grades.
Get in touch to discuss your specific knife application and sharpening service requirements, or click the link to book your knife sharpening collection.