What does the Fernite / Kennedy’s merger mean for your customers?

We believe that this is a game-changing combination which will create a supplier with the scale, geographic reach, and capabilities of the leading machine knife manufacturer and service organisation in the UK. Going forward, you will receive even more value from our increased range of products.

Now you’ve merged with Fernite, will my blade collection day change?

No, everything remains the same, you can now also book your collection online

Who are Fernite of Sheffield?

Established in 1832, together with our regrind service, Fernite manufacture a wide range of the highest quality machine knives, guillotine blades, granulator blades, shredder blocks, plus they’re OEM for Blackfriars granulator systems and the BSS Spring Steel Strip distribution company. 
From your point of view, it will very much be business as usual, with the exception of where the invoice comes from.

Who do I call to arrange my blade sharpening collection?

Everything remains the same, you can still call Kennedy’s on 01588 672289 as normal, or you can use our book a collection online form.

I have accounts with both Fernite and Kennedy Grinding, does this mean I now pay into two separate bank accounts?

Any payments are now to be made to the Fernite bank details we sent you, everything else remains the same. Please get in touch if you require any additional information.