Our Product Range

Granulator Knives
Shredding Knives
Baler Blades
Pelletiser Knives
Compound Knives

#1 manufacturer of blades and knives for the food processing industry

Slicer Blades
Meat Saws
Mincer Blades

TCT Circular Saw Blades
Wide and Narrow Bandsaws
Chipper Blades
TCT & PCD Tooling
Planer Blades and Irons

Rotary Shear Knives
Shear Blades
Rubber Stripper Rings
Shimless Tool Systems
Press Brake Tooling
5 Axis Grinding

Steel and TCT Paper Knives
3- and 6-Knife Trimmer Sets
Paper Drills
Bookbinding Knives
Perforator Knives
Knife Management Programs
Packaging Knives and Cutters

#1 manufacturer of blades and knives for the converting industry

Rotary Slitters
Crush Cut Knives
Multi-Knife Blocks
Knife Holders

Made in Sheffield 
At Fernite of Sheffield, when we say “Made in Sheffield,” we mean precisely that. As a precision machine knife manufacturer, all our products are manufactured in our own ISO9001 certified Sheffield facility, adhering to strict quality control procedures.
Unlike some of our UK competitors, we don’t import goods from low-cost markets and label them as our own.

By maintaining complete in-house manufacturing, we’re able to retain full control over both quality and production costs. We’re then able to extend this advantage to you, ensuring unparalleled value within the industry.

World class products to put you ahead of the competition.
With ever greater pressures on the packaging industry for continuous operational performance, a flexible, responsive and reliable Machine Knife Manufacturer partner is an invaluable asset.

Partnering packaging customers and distributors worldwide, our Made in Sheffield quality, flexible delivery and enduring support and advice keep your business ahead of the competition.

A vast product range
We can help to protect your machine continuity and efficiency with the precision Machine Knives you need, including:
Granulator blades, Pelletiser knives, Pulveriser discs, Tough tipped blades, Guillotine Blades, Doctor Blades, Bagging knives, Tray knives, Vertical Form Fill and Horizontal Form Fill knives, Sack and bag-making knives, Shrink-wrapping knives, Converting knives, Special purpose cut-off knives, Tape-sealing knives and many, many more. Call us to find out more

Also crucial for protecting your operational continuity, Fernite of Sheffield stands out from the crowd with shorter than average production lead times and excellent customer communication: we go the extra mile to make sure that you have every precision machine knife you need, when you need it.

We combine the best of both manufacturing worlds: our years of insight and experience work perfectly with the advanced precision technologies we’ve invested in.

Technical support
Turn to our helpful team of technical experts at any time, for help or advice: we’re determined to offer the best products, support, and world-leading customer service that you deserve. Call us now

Global Reputation
Trusted by many of the world’s leading brands for reliability, value, service and support, Fernite of Sheffield is your ideal Machine Knife Manufacturer.

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