Blade Regrinding and Sharpening

Fernite of Sheffield  offers an unparalleled granulator blade regrinding collection and delivery service. This service covers the full length and breadth of the UK. With our unrivalled experience, we can meet all your industrial machine knife and cutter needs, backed by an extensive range of new and replacement products.

Fernite of Sheffield provides a high quality granulator blade regrinding service for all types of straight and rotary machine knives. We ensure all knives are straightened and checked for flatness during the grinding process. All customer’s knives are recorded, detailing geometry and wear rate, enabling us to give advance warning when knives are approaching the end of their useful life. We also offer a comprehensive collection and delivery service throughout England, Scotland and Wales for your granulator blade regrinding requirements.

In addition, our technical department is on hand to assist with any problems that may occur. When you are looking for consistency and quality, our reputation and technical expertise assures you of superior regrinds every time.

Rotary Shear Knives
Shear Blades
Rubber Stripper Rings
Shimless Tool Systems
Press Brake Tooling
5 Axis Grinding

Steel and TCT Paper Knives
3- and 6-Knife Trimmer Sets
Paper Drills
Bookbinding Knives
Perforator Knives
Knife Management Programs
Packaging Knives and Cutters

#1 manufacturer of blades and knives for the converting industry

Rotary Slitters
Crush Cut Knives
Multi-Knife Blocks
Knife Holders

Granulator Knives
Shredding Knives
Baler Blades
Pelletiser Knives
Compound Knives

#1 manufacturer of blades and knives for the food processing industry

Slicer Blades
Meat Saws
Mincer Blades

TCT Circular Saw Blades
Wide and Narrow Bandsaws
Chipper Blades
TCT & PCD Tooling
Planer Blades and Irons
Chisels, Chains, Cutters, Drill & Router Blades

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