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Guillotine Blade Sharpening Service

Fernite offers the UK’s #1 guillotine blade sharpening service.

Sharpening Service
We understand that achieving the perfect sharpening angle is crucial for guillotine blades. The angle must be tailored to match the specific blade angle required for your machine. Incorrect angles can significantly impair cutting performance.

Expert Team and Comprehensive Service
Our skilled team meticulously sharpens every blunt guillotine blade, restoring a new, sharp edge. We can regrind and resharpen blades up to 6 meters in length.

Offering a guillotine blade sharpening service from our ISO9001 accredited manufacturing sites enables us efficiently serve customers nationwide. Backed by the the UK’s #1 blade sharpening service with a 7 day turnaround. No matter where your company is located, our Guillotine blade sharpening service is here to help!

In addition, our technical department is on hand to help and advise with any issues you may encounter. When you are looking for consistency and quality, our reputation and technical expertise assures you of a superior regrind every time.

When to Consider Replacement
If a blade is severely chipped or has been re-ground to more than 1mm below its original thickness, it may not fit properly. In these cases, we may recommend a new set of replacement guillotine shear blades.
Fernite supply shear blades compatible with all major shearing machines, including Amada, Edwards-Pearson, Haco, and Cincinnati.

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