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Granulator Blade Sharpening Service

Fernite offers the UK’s #1 granulator blade sharpening service.

Fernite operates the most comprehensive granulator blade sharpening services in the UK, for virtually every make and model.

When granulator blades become dull, they tend to smudge and rip plastic rather than cut it cleanly. This dullness also leads to increased vibration and waste. To ensure optimal cutting results and reduce wear on the granulator, it’s essential to maintain blades in sharp condition. Regular sharpening can extend the life of your blades, reduce machine downtime and make significant cost savings compared to buying new granulator blades.

Neglecting blade maintenance can result in poor-quality granulate with excessive fines and high dust content in both the material and the plant environment. However, regular blade changes and proper settings can ensure excellent results.

You can easily monitor the quality of the regrind yourself. First, collect the regrind material and check its consistency. Are the pieces roughly the same size? How do they compare to the size of the pellets you’re using? Next, drop the material back into the container and see how much dust and fines remain on your hand. A well-maintained and operated granulator should leave minimal residue.


Our granulator blade sharpening service ensures precise regrinding, delivering clean cuts, a perfect fit, and extended durability. Our ability to sharpen blades up to 6 metres long also means that we can handle some of the largest of blades in use.

We handle granulator blades made of carbon, alloy, and tungsten-tipped, we’re also able to sharpen and grind blades to any angle and profile. If required, we can finish grind a granulator blade to the specified profile.

For more information about our granulator blade sharpening service or if you’re looking for a new blade or even a new granulator system, please get in touch.