Rubber Recycling Blades and Shredder Blocks

Tyre and Rubber Recycling: Why It Matters and How Fernite of Sheffield Can Help

Tyres and rubber products are integral to modern life, featuring in everything from vehicles and machinery to footwear and household items. Fernite of Sheffield, an ISO 9001 accredited UK-based manufacturer, specialises in creating high-quality blades and shredder blocks for the rubber tyre recycling industry.

Improper disposal of these products significantly impacts the environment. Tyres and rubber items can take centuries to decompose in landfills, releasing harmful chemicals and pollutants. This makes tyre and rubber recycling crucial for environmental protection.

What is Tyre and Rubber Recycling?
Tyre and rubber recycling involves collecting, processing, and repurposing used tyres and rubber products. There are several methods for recycling these materials, including:

Mechanical Recycling: This method grinds used tyres and rubber products into small pieces, which can then be utilized as raw materials for new products.

Pyrolysis: This process heats used tyres and rubber products in the absence of oxygen, breaking them down into components like oil, gas, and carbon black.

Devulcanisation: This technique breaks the chemical bonds that give rubber its elasticity, allowing the rubber to be reused in new products.

Fernite of Sheffield's Role in the Tyre and Rubber Recycling Industry

Fernite of Sheffield specialises in manufacturing high-quality blades and shredder blocks for the tyre recycling industry, together with an industry leading nationwide blade and shredder regrinding service. These products are essential for the mechanical recycling process, as they help to shred used tyres and rubber products into small pieces that can be processed into new materials.

Fernite of Sheffield’s blades and shredder blocks are made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of the rubber tyre recycling process. They are designed to deliver optimal performance and long service life, ensuring that the recycling process is as efficient and effective as possible.